One Of Their Last Evenings In Their First Home

Lucy and Ryan asked us if they could do a Nostalgia Session in lieu of their engagement photos, and we couldn't have been happier to oblige. Bursting in greens and littered with family art, their very first place together has seen many nights like this. A neighborhood walk followed by couch cuddles. The sounds of good conversation while the pair futz about the kitchen. The last bit of February haze pours into the dining room from the tops of the Rockies as they finish up making dinner. Ryan waxes poetic and Lucy grins from across the table at each cascading anecdote, mostly stories from their travels. Souvenirs adorn many of the rooms, and I am struck by how whole these two people feel to me, both separately and together. Later, Ryan crinkles out some old newspaper on the dining room table. Lucy mixes a few dollops of paint and rolls it onto a stamp she carved herself. They press and lift a card to reveal their handmade wedding invitation, the first of many. Excitement dances across their faces as they admire their handiwork, the sun setting on a beautiful little era.

Haley and I feel so lucky to have been invited into this lovely home. We'll be shooting their wedding later this fall, and I am excited deliver what feels like two halves of a complete portrait of a banner year. The grand and ceremonious side—a very irregular day surrounded by happy loved ones. But also the quieter and more intimate side—a very familiar day that will soon be just cherished memory of a time gone by. I hope their Nostalgia Session, too, serves as a souvenir that only grows more meaningful with each passing year.

Big love,

-Hales & Migs

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