Their Lovely Evening At Home With A Real Good Pup

Late last summer, Devon was the only person Haley and I could imagine photographing our first wedding anniversary. This June, we finally got to return the favor by documenting the beautiful home she and Greg have built in their very own first few years of marriage. Scout bolted right past the door, greeting us at the gate in a blur of love and fur. They cracked open a few tulips of local beer, setting up a familiar game of cribbage while recounting how their first house held them through their quarantine. I couldn't help but note how timeless their little family feels, especially as they moved into the context of their backyard. Devon, eyeing her boys with a grin, tended to the garden while Greg and Scout chased each other inside the perimeter of the fence they built with their own hands. Laundry hung on the line as the trio shared a fresh strawberry. The sun and moon sank and rose, together, and they seemed to as well.

The Nostalgia Sessions are not "glorified" family photoshoots, or at least we very specifically didn't want to conflate them. Yes, they're for young families, but they're for grown families and for the pets you call family and for the roommates you love, too. They're for wherever and whoever you call home. We would love to memorialize yours.

Big love,

-Hales & Migs