Her First Year with Mom, Dad, & Grandparents In Their Cheery Colorado Home

Olive is loved and loved well in every direction she could turn to. Whether it's sharing—or stealing—most of mom's smoothie as morning trickles in. Or being launched into the backyard sky by dad, swing-set or otherwise. Or clutching her little fingers into a hug around the fur of her patient pups. Or perched atop a couch cushion next to grandma, pointing out each passerby through the foyer window. Or waving at grandpa through the back porch he is yet in the middle of building for her. It was a strange year, but a uniquely bonded one. One in which it was obvious to us that Christiana and Daniel have laid a strong foundation for their young family. Somewhere safe. And somewhere sound.

This is the first of many in a series we are calling The Nostalgia Sessions, a celebration of what it means to be home and the funny ways that can change. We'd be honored for you to invite us into yours.