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The Nostalgia Sessions

The Nostalgia Sessions

Haley and I spend a lot of time thinking about home. Our family homes, or the homes we’ve shared, or the homes we’ve made together. Each one, an era. Each one, a specific twinge in our hearts. But a home isn’t beautiful because it stays the same. It’s beautiful because it’s somewhere to feel safe and loved and known...'s the place worth returning to.

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Nostalgia Session Process


The invitation is important—you, deciding to let us in. Not just into your house for some photoshoot, but onto holy ground. Into the life you share here with those you share it with. Choosing to welcome us into your homelife is the whole point, because we don't make your memories meaningful. We make them durable.


You'll reflect on and write down what a day in the life looks like. What it feels like. The obviously meaningful stuff, yes, but the routine stuff too—the thing is, we can’t guess at who you are. To document you, to truly represent this time and place well for you? We need to know you.


Then, and only then, can we begin documenting your household in its proper context. The way the floorboards creak. That one window where morning spills in, golden and warm. Hair pins and dog fur and the corners where life always seems to pile. Let the pets bark, leave the mess alone, allow the kids to cry if they need to—this is how it was! Embrace it, celebrate it, reflect on how this home came to be. You’ll share your thoughts on this moment in time, and tell each other the aspirations you hope for them in the coming year. We'll memorialize all the relics of your time here, from the favorite mementos and adorned walls, to the little quirks and familiar mannerisms. Then ever after, you'll be able to return home, again and again.